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Apart from losing weight, getting fit, keeping New Year’s resolutions and kicking the year off to a good start, you will be contributing to a charity that deals specifically with the effects of alcohol misuse.


You can save a life, and/or rest your liver!


But the wonders continue...


You may also:


  • Save money
  • Cleanse your body
  • Develop good habits
  • Progress in quitting smoking
  • Commit to an exercise regime

Want an alternative?

Have a glass of non-alcoholic wine Zari, available at all major retail shops.

Zari 2 



Ever heard of Banting?

Many of you have probably heard of the Banting diet - that is big on a low carb and low sugar diet

Did you know... 

Alcohol is full of sugar and carbs... So giving up alcohol is a great way to lose weight!

Dr. Jack Rutherford says more than 1 - 2 drinks a day offers a slew of fattening consequences. 

Read more here of how alcohol is not helping your waistline... 


How well do you know your drink?


Take our questionnaire below


Question: Is alcohol good for your health?

Answer: Yes and No



Yes, in small amounts it can be. 1 to 2 units of red wine can be beneficial and help you relax! (1 unit = 75ml)

No, more than 2 units undoes the good caused by the alcohol and can raise blood pressure.


Obviously not drinking in February is going to help you lose weight, just be careful not to replace alcohol with high-calorie or high-sugar drinks.


Question: Is alcohol good for sport or to carbo load?

Answer: No


No, alcohol has many calories, but they are called 'Empty Calories'. This means that they do not do the body any good and have no nutritional value at all!

Drinking too much alcohol is fattening, it lowers testosterone levels by 25%, reduces blood flow to muscles, affects muscle recovery, slows protein synthesis down, dehydrates the body and raises blood pressure, thus badly affecting sports men and women!


Drinking rules

The safest drinking rules are...

  • Drink less and slower
  • 1 Unit per hour MAX   
  • Never drink more than 5 Units at one time (5 units within 2 hours is Binge Drinking)
  • Count your drinks.    "1 drink is not always 1 drink".......see poster below!
  • 21 Units for males / 14 Units for men and women PER WEEK max as per the World Health Organisation's recommendations
  • Eat before and during drinking to slow absorption
  • Don't down your drinks - this increases your risk of alcohol poisoning
  • For more details on Units go to www.sadd.org.za


Only TIME can take alcohol out of your system

It takes 1 hour or more for your body to get rid of 1 Unit


But it's only one glass of wine...


The Head of Public Heath England warns that one glass of wine has the same effects as three shots of vodka. Alcohol is labelled as the 'silent killer' with liver disease the third biggest killer of working age adults.


However, this does not mean that you have to give up that 'one' glass at night, but rather be aware of how much you are actually drinking and stick to the alcohol guidelines from the World Heath Organisation of 21 units for men and 14 units for women per week. See below for more on units of alcohol or visit www.sadd.org.za.


To read the full article, click here.


But it's one a sip of beer....

See the graphic below from AlcoholGifts.co.uk on what that one sip of beer does over time.

Women and alcohol

Women may be the fairer sex, but alcohol and beauty don't mix well!



 Beer and the bike

Are you an avid cyclist or a weekend cycle junkie? Then this campaign could give you extra vooma! Click here to read how beer affects your cycling abilities.


Safe Drinking Tips for Cardiac Patients

Cardiac patients can drink 2 or less units a day.

This means 2 Single Whiskeys or 1 double Whiskey daily maximum! (units should be measured by a tot glass and not approximated, as with a heavy hand)

NB: More than 2 units is counter-productive and raises blood pressure.

Running around the block after coming home stressed from work would do the heart more good than having a drink!

Although drinking a small amount of alcohol a day (1-2 Units) to relax is not too damaging, there are healthier alternatives. Drinking red grape juice is beneficial as it has tannin in it!

Regular exercise, where your pulse rate goes above 120 beats per minute for at least half an hour, is the best benefit your heart can have. Any exercise is a good start if you have not exercised in the past but always check with your doctor before starting an exercise regime!


Check this out!


1 Beer = 600kj = 20 min of cycling @ 15km/h to burn off!

1 Glass Red Wine (75ml) = 485kj = 20 minutes of situps or pushups to burn off!

1 Long Island Iced Tea = 1500kj = 30 minutes of skipping to burn off!

1 Tequila = 400kj = 15 minutes of heavy weights to burn off!


1 or 2 units will not cause these problems, but they will affect your driving ability.

The safest Driving Rule is Zero Alcohol, as even 1 unit of alcohol affects your driving- see posters below

What is a unit?- Learn more here