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Faith Bischof says, 'Alco-free Feb is a wonderful initiative. Not only do participants support a really worthwhile cause, but it is a good opportunity to detox after the excesses of the holiday season. Social occasions are difficult, but these are also a good opportunity to tell others about the campaign.'


Angus Macarthur, of Alcohol Breathalyser cc, says 'I'm sending out the biggest THANK YOU to South Africans Against Drunk Driving for running the AlcoFreeFeb campaign every year and for giving all their time to help Save Lives by working towards reducing the carnage on South Africa's roads.'


Howard Dembovsky, of the Justice Project SA, tweeted! "I don't drink at all but support @SADD_SA  and #AlcofreeFeb initiative. Please support"


Gary Player, one of South Africa's greatest golfers says “I am happy to once again be a ZeroHero to support AlcoFreeFeb. Excessive drinking continues to be an incredible problem that leads to horrific crash rates here in South Africa. Together, we can raise awareness this February in order to curb this great problem in our country.” (2015)


Ryan Sandes, world class extreme athlete says, 'I am taking part in AlcoFreeFeb as I think it is very important to create awareness around drinking and driving. It is a major killer of people in South Africa that can so easily be avoided'.


Jes Foord, of the Jes Foord Foundation which aims to reduce the damaging effects of rape on victims and their families, is a long time supporter of AlcoFreeFeb. As she says, ‘I have decided to advocate this cause because in many instances the survivors that have come through the Foundation doors have been in situations where their drinks have been spiked. The presence of alcohol in can create scenarios that place an individual in vulnerable environment. Statistically, situations escalate quicker when one or more of the persons are under the influence, no matter the degree. We are asking people to support this campaign in order to create a safer environment for everyone. Supporting ZERO HERO in February gives us all a chance to ponder on how we can create safer, more responsible individuals who think before they act.’ (2014)


Hector Eliott, Strategic Advisor to Western Cape Premier Helen Zille and a ZeroHero says, ‘Alcohol abuse is possibly South Africa's worst social issue, and is at the heart of our shocking levels of interpersonal violence, rape, teenage pregnancy and, of course, the senseless slaughter on our roads. AlcoFreeFeb™ is a great way of reminding South Africans that alcohol is not something we should simply take for granted. If you drink, then get behind the wheel and kill someone, it is no accident.' (2014)


Gary Player, one of South Africa's greatest golfers, urges the public to get involved, ‘I am happy to give my support to the AlcoFreeFeb™ campaign run by South Africans Against Drunk Driving (SADD) to highlight alcohol abuse in general and especially on our roads. The high incidence of crashes on South African roads and the resultant high number of deaths and severe injuries, particularly of young people, is shocking. This is highlighted during the festive season but is a tragedy occurring throughout the year and more must be done to stop it. The AlcoFreeFeb™ campaign is an initiative that is trying to do just this. I challenge everyone to sign up to the campaign and pledge to give up alcohol for either January or February or even just to make a donation to the initiative. Let’s works together to stop the carnage on our roads!’ (2014)


Angus Macarthur, Breathalyzers CC says, 'I am an avid supporter of South Africans Against Drunk Driving and AlcoFreeFebTM. I call on all South Africans to take a personal stand against driving under the influence of alcohol. Don't Let your Friends Drink and then Drive.Every day I make it my responsibility to ensure that my friends and family get home safely and alive, so should you.' (2014)


Mike Tilson, long-time AlcoFreeFebTM supporter says, 'I believe that this challenge is a good idea to highlight the problems of drink driving, however I'm concerned that it does not change the habits of the people who choose to brake the law.What is needed is effective policing and harsher penalties. I find it strange that Government wants to ban alcohol advertising, yet it does little to address the problem of drink driving.' (2013)


Margaret Tilsonlong-time AlcoFreeFebTM supporter says of her journey, 'A great challenge but so far so good.' (2013)


Diane Graham, Business Unit Manager Aqua Online, 'Thanks for the great initiative. I have learnt a lot from this month of being free from alcohol and this will now become a lifestyle change. It is frightening how much South Africa is a careless drinking society. Keep up the good work.' (2012)